24, Toronto.
cis. white. allistic. able-bodied.
she/her pronouns.

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Hey all, I’ve been away and didn’t have time to talk about my hiatus. I am currently in Ghana running a children’s camp for 2 weeks. We rarely have internet and rarely have time to get online so I will be away another week.

I am having so much fun and I do not want to leave. I love every single one of the 35 children in our program and I’m not looking forward to leaving them. 5 days with them and I have seen them grow so much.

I forgot how much I loved children until this trip.

Jul 25 @ 3:32 PM
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New York, 1922, the tempo of the city had changed sharply. Stocks reached record peaks, and Wall Street booms a steady golden roar. The buildings were higher, the parties were bigger, the morals were looser, and the ban on alcohol had backfired, making the liquor cheaper. Wall Street was luring the young and ambitious, and I was one of them.

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Kill the boy within you. It takes a man to rule. You will have little joy of your command, but I think you have the strength in you to do the things that must be done. Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born. - Jon Snow

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GET SOME SPACE: It’s summer, you’re tired, but you finally got your goddamn break. A mix for lazy afternoons, slow nights, and all the fucks you stopped giving.   listen + download.

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“I don’t want them to change me in there. Turn me into some kind of monster I’m not" - The Hunger Games

I’m the Monster. I’m the mutt. I’m the one Snow has turned into a weapon!” - Mockingjay

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